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Small Group Employment

Abilitree’s Small Group Employment service helps individuals learn job skills, earn a paycheck, and integrate into the Central Oregon community.

Work is done in an encouraging, hands-on environment where you’ll learn teamwork, accountability, and positive work habits. Each team is supported by an onsite coach who remains present for the entire shift and serves as a guide for task completion, production speed, and quality of work.

Teams are assembled based on strengths and interests to ensure each person is a good match for the employer’s needs. Industries include manufacturing, packaging and janitorial.

How can Abilitree help me?

  • Gain essential work experience in a supportive setting.
  • Receive competitive wages.
  • Take a giant step towards independence.

What can I expect?

  • Placement on a team is based on your strengths and interests. We want you to enjoy your job.
  • We’ll work as a team to get the work done every day.
  • Receive onsite training and ongoing job coaching from our staff.
  • Experience integration into a welcoming and diverse workplace. You’ll interact and work alongside those with and without a disability.

How do I get started?

Please speak with your Service Coordinator or Personal Agent to get started with Small Group Employment.

Please contact Jennie Thom at jenniet@abilitree.org or 541-388-8103 x223 for more information. 


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