Supported Living Services

Maintaining a Household

Basic support with cleaning, laundry and general maintenance concerns.

 Health and Safety

Address issues of health, nutrition and exercise, teach menu planning, food shopping, food preparation skills, and personal care as well as community, home and personal safety.


Support with medical needs, such as scheduling, attending and transportation to medical appointments. Medical support may include the management and education of medications. The Supported Living Plan identifies the appropriate level of support with medical care. Abilitree has policies and specific guidelines for staff to follow when supporting client’s medical care.

 Emotional Support

Foster communication and problem-solving skills between the individual and those involved in his or her life.


Support clients with financial needs and budget related issues, such as banking and bill pay. The Supported Living Plan will identify the appropriate level of supports with finances.


Explore public transportation options, such as training about local bus routes, using a taxi, and/or local van service.

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