Looking Ahead

A support group for people with blindness/vision loss.

2nd Tuesdays 3-4PM (starting April 11, 2017)

2680 Twin Knolls Dr. Bend, OR 97701


​Cross-Disability Support Group

A support group for individuals experiencing any kind of disability.

Thursday mornings 10:30am-Noon

2680 Twin Knolls Dr. Bend, OR 97701

Moving A Head

Support Group for Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injuries (Family Members and Caregivers Invited)

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month


2​680 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 150 Bend, OR 97701

Dinner is provided.

​Healing Pathways

Support Group for Women with Physical Disabilities

A national and  evidence-based program that focuses on tools for self-empowerment and life-long positive changes.

Please call for current schedule and enrollment.


​Speak Up

A social communication support group lead by St Charles Health System and hosted by Abilitree.

Do you have trouble finding your words or expressing your thoughts? Do you want to practice conversation skills?

This is a support group for adults who  experience mild to moderate speech difficulties. Guided by a speech therapist and a licensed clinical social worker.

Every 4th Wednesday of the month

11am- noon


2​680 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Suite 150 Bend, OR 97701

Contact Regina Joshi, LCSW with St Charles at 541-706-3778 for questions.

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