s e r v i c e s

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Information and Referral

Access information customized to make sense to you

Make informed decisions


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Skill Building

Organize and focus your goals

Accomplish goals one step at a time

Learn new skills with a 1:1 mentor and groups

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Peer Support

Nonclinical, peer-based engagement with employees, members, and volunteers

Share your experiences and what you have learned

Give and receive encouragement and moral support

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Explore your disability rights

Advocate for yourself

Advocate for others

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Receive support moving out of an institutional setting

Receive support preventing moving into an institutional setting

Receive support as a youth transitioning into adult hood

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Public Health

Develop an emergency disaster response plan

Network with your community to enhance your plan

Receive support during public health emergencies

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Work Incentive Network

Learn what you can earn and maintain benefits

Receive one-on-one benefits counseling

Lower risk of benefit loss with employment

If you know you are interested and eligible for services, please feel free to start the services authorization process by completing this form. We will reach out to you to discuss, finalize and set you up with services. Reminder: The Information and Referral service is available to anyone. If this is the only service you are interested in, or eligible for, please use the "contact" form.
This is an example of what information the authorization to disclose information form would contain. You do not need to fill this out.
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Intake appointments for new members will be made as capacity allows.  We will call you as soon as possible.

Service Appointments for existing members will be given priority.  Our workloads can vary week to week.

In oder to better serve our communities outside of Bend, we have made the decision to no longer be an office centric organization.

Most of our work is done talking to you over the phone, through zoom meetings, and engaging you in shared public spaces in our community.

If working on your plan requires consistent in person meetings, we will determine with you the best approach to accommodate.