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Public Health

Prepare a simple but effective plan for public health emergencies & natural disasters. Receive ongoing monthly wellness checks and coordinated support in emergencies.  Be part of our community response and help others.

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Independent Living Plans

Develop a plan for independence.

Consider long term plans for your future.

Explore options to live in non institutional settings.

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Information and Referral

Develop a customized packet of the important information you need & spend time learning how to make an informed decision.


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Skill Building

Organize your life, develop clear goals, & learn how to create action plans.  Receive ongoing peer coaching to help you focus and problem solve.

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Peer Support

Participate in non-clinical, peer based, conversation support based on the lived experience of people with disabilities overcoming obstacles – together.

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Receive mentoring to start advocating for yourself and others.

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Work Incentive Network

Understand how to maximize your financial situation if you are disabled and want to work.