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Dream of upleveling your courage and building a brighter future?

Abilitree offers courses designed to support your personal empowerment. Each course has a specific start and end date, with peer-led group sessions that allow you to work through life’s challenges while growing your independence.

Healing Pathways is a cognitive behavioral group therapy course that provides the necessary tools for you to trust in your strengths and abilities. The program includes a workbook to help you track your progress while creating positive changes in your life.

Living Well with a Disability is a health promotion course that focuses on making healthy choices and embracing possibility. The program helps you set and reach goals through nutrition, mindfulness and a balanced lifestyle.

Healing Through Art is a self-reflection course that combines the power of art with cathartic projects to strengthen participants’ sense of self. The focus of the group is the process of creating each piece of art, not the final artwork.

Healing Pathways

Healing Pathways is a 16-session program for women with a physical disability who experience moderate depression.

Living Well With a Disability

Living Well With a Disability is a 10-session program for men and women with a physical disability who experience mild depression.

Healing Through Art

Healing Through Art is a 6-week course with the purpose of allowing participants to explore their experiences and emotions through fine arts expression. No previous art experience is necessary to join.

What will I learn?

Each course is designed to help you move beyond self-perceived limitations and build the skills necessary for growth and independence.

Healing Pathways

  • identifies and addresses limiting thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back and provides the necessary tools to help you stay focused on your strengths and abilities.
  • teaches you how to identify and manage your emotions.
  • helps you improve interpersonal skills.
  • is designed to develop and strengthen your coping and problem-solving skills.

Living Well With a Disability

  • highlights the power of individual choice and determination as a gateway to a more independent life.
  • focuses on the important role health plays in living life to the fullest. A comprehensive workbook covers topics such as Beating the Blues, Healthy Communication and Eating Well to Live Well.
  • guides you toward an improved outlook on life and greater participation in your community.

Healing Through Art

  • encourages self-reflection and provides members with a safe space to delve deep into themselves.
  • focuses on exploring your emotions through fine arts expression.
  • develops strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • encourages reflection of your challenges, strengths, and risks in an effort to develop your flexibility and adaptability.

How do the courses work?

Each course focuses on your personal strengths and goals and has a specific start and end date.

  • Group sessions for each course are held at various locations around Central Oregon.
  • We focus on a new topic during each session. 
  • Each course is peer-driven, so you receive constant support along the way. And don’t worry. Everything you say is confidential.

How do I get started?

The screening process is different for each course. We’ll set up a one-on-one meeting with a staff member before the course start date to see if the fit is good.

Please contact Brooke Eldrige at brookee@abilitree.org or 541-388-8103 x 209 for more information. 


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