Greg Sublett

Director of Operations

Greg Sublett

What I do at Abilitree

My job at Abilitree simply put, is to direct all the core services at Abilitree. Our core services are; Information and Referral, Peer Support, Advocacy, Skills Training, Employment, and Community Access. Every day I have the opportunity to support and encourage our Abilitree leadership to live out and facilitate our core services.

Why I work at Abilitree

I work at Abilitree because I love the people. Abilitree “grows abilities for independence” and I love that about our organization. I love that we can inspire and encourage our clients to be more independent and to do more than they thought they could.

 What I think is fun

I love the mountains and love to hike. I love spending time in my garden and seeing how it can go from nothing to taking over my garden space. I have played bass and guitar since I have been a teenager and currently play (rock) in an 80’s cover band.

Ask me about

Gardening, guitar, coffee and microbrews, connecting with Abilitree in any way

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