Molly Renner

Past President

Molly Renner

Why I serve on the Abilitree board of directors

I serve on the Abilitree board because it allows me to advocate for the brand with the end goal to help empower our clients and to grow their independence.  In addition, I am proud of the incredible staff that works so hard each and every day to make a difference within the organization.  I continue to devote myself to Abilitree because it fills my heart thoroughly to help people find inclusion in the community.  

What I do when I am not volunteering my time at Abilitree

I can be found running my own business, Sublime Creative Agency, and it allows me the flexibility to spend quality time with my husband Ken, son Sam and extended family and friends.  I can also be found running on the river trails, skiing, golfing or strengthening my body and mind at yoga.  

What is unique about Abilitree

The organization is structured to not only provide services within the organization (work center) but out in the business community. I find that a very attractive business model to fund the organization along with providing a diverse set of opportunities to our clients depending upon their level of ability.  

Ask me about

Flowers and my loyal pup.

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