Julie Sheppard

Vice President & Secretary

Julie Sheppard

Why I serve on the Abilitree board of directors

Giving back to my community is very important to me, a core value.  With Abilitree I found an organization whose mission I support and management that values my service.

What I do when I am not volunteering my time at Abilitree

I am the mother of two young children and enjoy showing them all that I appreciate about living in Bend and Oregon.  I look forward to traveling the world with them, but for now love to do art projects and puzzles with my daughter and ride my bikes as much as possible.  I support executive management as an analyst in the Finance Group at Bank of the Cascades.

What is unique about Abilitree

Abilitree is a forward-looking, nimble nonprofit that strives to maintain relevance in its service offerings.  This trait makes Abilitree an effective, enduring organization.

Ask me about

Ask me about how I met my husband in middle school

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