Bruce Klouda

Bruce Klouda

Why I serve on the Abilitree board of directors

I serve on the Abilitree board because I believe you should give some of your time to the community you live in to improve the community you live in.  I'm blessed that the organization I'm involved with is Abilitree, which serves a vital role in my community.

What I do when I am not volunteering my time at Abilitree

After 25 years in the automobile business with the last several years serving as general manager of Bob Thomas Chevrolet Cadillac Honda, I decided to bring my own line of drum and percussion accessories to market resulting from over 45 years of playing drums.  That company is called Brute Percussion doing business as Drummer Boy Accessories.

What is unique about Abilitree

The unique thing about Abilitree is not only their mission about helping people regain their independence but in the process Abilitree itself works on its' own independence.  While several non-profits rely solely on money from several donation sources plus federal and/or state grants, Abilitree continues to look for ways to include self sufficiency as their model of how a non profit can contribute to its' own cause.

 Ask me about

Ask me about my family, Bend, golf, music, great food!  Oh, and don't forget to ask me about Abilitree. 

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