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We’re building a future of inclusion and opportunity for everyone.

For over 39 years, Abilitree has worked diligently to make our Central Oregon community stronger by empowering people of all abilities to grow their independence and receive the same opportunities as everyone else.

We have a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals who provide resources, assistance, and education to help you make informed decisions about available opportunities. Our person-first approach ensures that you receive the honesty, respect, and support you need to expand expectations, reach your full potential, and thrive in everyday life.

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We’re all in this together.

Abilitree partners with a variety of non-profit, state, and federal agencies to ensure you receive the guidance and support you need. Our collective goal is to create an independent and inclusive future for every member of the Central Oregon community.

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Our team and our mission are strong. Join us!

Abilitree posts all open positions at Craigslist and Indeed. Please check there for any current job postings and the instructions to apply.

If you have any questions about working at Abilitree, feel free to email us at humanresources@abilitree.org.


forward thinking and original through new ideas and creativity

regard or treat with respect

thoughtful and reflective by staying engaged

enjoyment through doing something that inspires

judge and decide by weighing contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements


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Support our mission of community inclusion and skills training for those with disabilities.

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