Molly Renner

Board Feature: Molly Renner

Abilitree’s Mission is Meaningful to me Because…
We are able to offer a chance for people to be the best version of themselves, seek opportunities to thrive in the local community, live independently, and have the resources available to do so. But most importantly, it’s the compassionate and caring staff and volunteers at Abilitree that make our mission happen each and every day.
I’ve devoted most of my life to…
…Relationships mean the world to me, I am deeply committed to my friends and family and work hard everyday to build into their lives just as they do mine.
…Community, it’s incredibly powerful and impactful to see what can be done with a group of passionate, humble, and dedicated people. Over the many years with Abilitree, I continue to have joy in my heart being a part of a community of people coming together because they believe in the mission, support it and want to create positive change.
I am inspired by…
Faith keeps me grounded – knowing the sun will rise, life is a journey, and trust that things will be OK even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time.
Nature is always evolving and so are we – whether that’s in relationships or our own personal journey in life. No matter what the world becomes in the future, nature will continue to thrive. There is an element of resilience to that and it’s inspiring to me.
My secret superpower is…
Agility, sensitivity, resilience, and shape shifter abilities. All inspired by Elastigirl, Helen Parr, the mother in the Incredibles animated movie.
One thing the community may not know about Abilitree is…
We have an incredibly passionate staff that works tirelessly behind the scenes in an ever-changing world of funding, resources, and governmental rules and regulations in order to continue to serve people with disabilities.
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