Board Feature: Brenda Speirs

Abilitree’s Mission is Meaningful to me Because…
I admire the work they do in helping people with disabilities lead lives of inclusion.  I grew up with an aunt who experienced a developmental disability and she could have led an entirely different, and independent, life if there had been an organization like Abilitree to help her at the time.  This motivates and inspires me every day to support Abilitree and the work they do.
I’ve devoted most of my life to…
supporting my community and connecting people.  If my
role on the Abilitree board can help better communicate their mission to people who otherwise may not know these services exist, then I’m fulfilling my mission. 
I am inspired by…
all of the people in our community who choose to work
with organizations like Abilitree.  Who show up to do the hard work.  We are all only as strong as each and every individual in our community, and how we choose to support one another.  Everyone deserves to be included and I am proud to serve Abilitree.
My secret superpower is…
my capacity to give and to connect people.  While I
love my day job, it truly is a platform through which I connect people. And that is incredibly fulfilling to me. 
One thing the community may not know about Abilitree is…
the impact that Abilitree’s social security advocates have on supporting people in this community to receive government benefits if they can’t maintain full-time work due to their physical or mental disability. The benefits system is incredibly difficult to navigate and the advocates work tirelessly. I’ve heard the stories of the impact it’s had on people’s lives and I’m so thankful this program exists.
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