How it Works

Abilitree has many different resources available to find just the right solution for your business needs. We can act as a temporary staffing solution providing payroll services as well as job placement services for your organization. We can also provide project management for those tough to staff jobs that only occur a few times a year. Our goal is to supply you with qualified employees to help you grow or maintain your business.
Our various payment structures allow you to pay for piece rate, hourly billings, or even project based billing whatever fits your structure.

Abilitree believes that our greatest asset is our relationship with our partners throughout the Central Oregon community. We work with many business partners that value the services that Abilitree provides. Abilitree wants to help and to be involved and we want to work with our partners in such a way that everyone wins. If you would like to establish a partnership with us or want to learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact  us:


Laurie McBride - 541-388-8103 ext. 215


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