Tim Johnson

Executive Director

Tim Johnson

What I do at Abilitree

As the Executive Director I think of my job as one part development, one part public relations and two parts cheerleader. I do my best to support the amazing team here at Abilitree and try not to get in their way.

Why I work at Abilitree

I work at Abilitree because of its mission and the people. I have never been a part of an organization that truly operationalizes its mission the way Abilitree does. I am overwhelmed everyday by our staff and program participants, by how hard they work and fight for every opportunity. I am humbled to call them my peers.

What I think is fun

Being a husband and father is my proudest accomplishments and I work every day to try and be a better person because of my family. I guess that makes it fun or I don’t think I would keep doing it!

Ask me about

The benefits of partnering and supporting Abilitree ( I caution, you will catch the passion). Ask me about my family, camping, golf, hunting and fishing.

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