Laurie McBride

Supported Employment Supervisor

Laurie McBride

What I do at Abilitree

I enjoy interacting with our vendors and managing the accounts for the jobs they provide for us. I help set up the jobs and see that they get done in a timely fashion. Then I get to see the excitement on the faces of our participants when I hand out their paychecks

 Why I work at Abilitree

Working and spending time with our amazing and diverse population of participants is special and unique. Their enthusiasm for their work and activities, and their compassion for one another is contagious and inspiring. It is a joy to be here.

What I think is fun

Hiking, reading, gardening, laughing, learning

 Ask me about

…my favorite hikes and books and how the smiling faces of our folks here at Abilitree can brighten your day.

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