Jaime Kuhry

Case Manager

Jaime Kuhry

What I do at Abilitree

I am the Case Manager for 50+ adults who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities and who attend our Ponderosa day program. I also lead a team of staff to facilitate a women's support group called Healing Pathways. As the Case Manager, I attend client ISP meetings, help client's create independence or employment focused goals. I help ensure those goals are being implemented and ensure all plans, paperwork, and protocols are being followed and up to date.

Why I work at Abilitree

I get to come to work everyday knowing I have made even the tiniest difference in the lives of those we serve. My job can be challenging, but I love what I do. I get to help individuals have opportunity and choice, increase independence, overcome obstacles, and most importantly have a voice in what they want. I love the team of staff and supervisors I get to work with. This kind of work requires a village and I am grateful for the village that Abilitree has!!!

What I think is fun

Spending time with my family and friends, holiday festivities, summer time, floating, hiking, kayaking, traveling, hanging out with my best bud and dog Lincoln.

Ask me about

Fantasy football, tattoos, crafts, books

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