April O'Meara

Executive Director

April O'Meara

What I do at Abilitree

Although it’s not my official title I have the privilege of being a “brand ambassador” for Abilitree. I promote our mission and services through public presentations, social media and other avenues in an effort to grow our ability to serve more individuals with disabilities. I seek out potential partners and funding sources to strengthen our services.

Let's just say I'm passionate about sharing Abilitree!

 Why I work at Abilitree

I believe that every individual in our community should have the opportunity at independence and inclusion. What makes my job fulfilling is that I have the opportunity to meet with inspiring businesses and community partners each day that are dedicated to our mission and the health of our community.

Plus, I dig the logo.

 What I think is fun

"Entertaining" my cat with my violin, tea time and outdoor adventuring with my husband

Ask me about

Partnering with Abilitree! Kayaking, crafting and waterfall hikes.

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